2008 is here and now, and welcome to this very wonderful site.

It is recent that I told all of you, my splendid friends out there, that I would have my new work "The Madness of Crowds" ready in last year and didnt...I know, I know! However, I PROMISE it will be finished before the end of this one. Honest. Work continues and I am getting very excited again.

As you may know, last year was 'hijacked' by other projects with old friends and new ones. For instance, I have just finished the arrangement and production of a new album for my pal Barbara Dickson. The album is called 'Time and Tide' and has exceeded all expectation. It is released on 21st Jan. We also embark on a long tour to promote the album (check news for tour dates).

Work also continues with my good friend David Rohl (top Egyptologist and top bloke) on the new 'Mandalaband' project and we also intend to start work on a duo album based around the subject of the Egyptian Gods. Yikes!

All in all, it is shaping into a potentially berserk year.

Do keep calling back to see whats going on........................

All the very best



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